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Powerful Office Automation Software

FileBound Software, Affordable For Companies of Any Size

FileBound office automation software provides the capabilities you need to solve your process automation needs quickly, easily and cost-effectively. It improves the way you process and manage your valuable documents—saving you time, reducing operational costs, enhancing your reporting and compliance and making you more successful in every way.

On-Demand or On-Site

FileBound document automation software is delivered the way you need it. It can be adopted as a Cloud solution using FileBound On-Demand service, or operating from within your internal IT infrastructure. Either way, you benefit form unlimited user licensing and the benefits of a full-featured document management solution that addresses your critical business challenges.

FileBound Document Automation Software Suite

FileBound On-Demand Office Automation Software
FileBound On-Demand is an affordable cloud-based document management solution that can be quickly deployed with minimal risk and deliver immediate results without any capital expenditure necessary. Software updates are automatic. You get the ultimate in document security with SOC 2 certified data centers, industry standard security practices and regular third party vulnerability auditing.

Filebound On-Site Office Automation Software
FileBound On-Site delivers affordable document management solutions for organizations with internal IT infrastructure. This software is scalable to any size organization, handles complex workflow processes and integrates with internal and external systems.

FileBound Touch

FileBound Touch is a streamlined, mobile-optimized interface of FileBound software, providing quick and easy access to your business documents from any mobile device or computer.

FileBound Electronic Forms System allows you to create and store a library of on-demand forms to automate the creation, distribution, and filing of transactional forms. These forms can be configured as Microsoft Word, HTML, or Excel documents and made available within the FileBound system or posted on an outward facing web site or portals.

FileBound Workflow Module automates the collaboration and assignment of tasks to accelerate the completion of critical business decisions. This equates to increased operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and organizational scalability.

The FileBound Difference

  • Unlimited User Licensing
  • Hosted, On-Site or Appliance
  • Integrated Electronic Forms
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Unlimited Customization Options

FileBound Executive Partner Council

Digiscribe is proud to be a FileBound Executive Partner and serve as a member of FileBound's Executive Partner Council.

“Digiscribe has been and continues to be a valued business partner. Their professionalism, solution knowledge, and execution make them a leader within the FileBound community. We are excited to count Digiscribe as an Executive Partner!”

Jon Eilers
Director Business Development
Upland Software

FileBound Office Automation Software

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