Serving companies from Philadelphia to Maine with scanning facilities outside of New York City and Boston.

Go Paperless Easily  

Scan Your Documents To Improve Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Document scanning is the critical first step in reducing paper, improving efficiency and automating processes throughout your organization. Paper documents are converted to digital images and securely stored in document management software for retrieval from your computer or mobile device. 

Accounts Payable Automation & Scanning

Accounts Payable Scanning Services

Automate your accounts payable process to lower costs, gain greater control and improve efficiency

Human Resource Document Scanning Services

HR Document Scanning

Streamline HR processes with e-forms, workflow automation software and document scanning

Medical Record Scanning

Medical Record Scanning

Convert your existing medical records to digital files for retrieval from within your EMR system

Lab Notebook Scanning

Lab Notebook Scanning

Protect & leverage your research books, lab notes, intellectual property and research protocols

Auto Dealership Scanning Services

Auto Dealership Scanning

Scan paper deal jackets, title and lease applications, repair orders and other documents

Office Relocation Scanning Services

Office Relocation

Scan your business documents before your company moves to minimize space requirements in your new office

Our Place or Yours

Save Time, Money & Space

  • Save time by locating and processing documents faster
  • Save money by streamlining business processes and reducing processing, real estate and labor costs
  • Regain space by eliminating file cabinets and storage boxes
  • Improve efficiency with immediate access to any document from your computer or mobile device

What Our Clients Say

“When we get a call from the client, it’s not just the pleasure of solving their issue then and there (they expect it to take a few days), but we don’t have to hang up the phone and have a whole series of tasks we have to do, saving each employee 15-20 minutes per request at least a few times a day, across our client-facing employees.”

Brian Tormey
COO, Executive VP
New York, NY