April 5, 2016 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation

Workflow automation streamlines your business processes to reduce inefficiency, provide transparency and lower costs to generate greater ROI. That said, it’s not a magic pill to fix what ails your business. It’s a method of improving your processes that can lead to wins down the road, but it’s important when you decide to take the plunge that you know what it can, and will, do for you.

Invoice and accounts payable automation is an excellent way for your business to get started. When you automate invoice processing, you eliminate inefficient manual processes that slow payments and can result in financial penalties due to processing errors and lateness. It also allows employees who would otherwise be buried under paperwork the freedom to focus on higher value initiatives and activities that help your business grow and succeed.

In particular, when you set up invoice processing services you can count on the following benefits in short order:

1. Smoother workflow

With employees reliant on manual invoice processing, your business is susceptible to a world of inefficiency. People can lose or misplace invoices, leading to wasted time spent trying to find them.

With automation, on the other hand, there’s increased productivity and errors resulting from manual processes will be eliminated. You can immediately gain visibility into your company’s cash flow, as well, with no need to wait on the information, speeding up important processes.

2. On-time, verifiable payments

There’s no end to the problems late payments or a scattershot payment schedule can cause your business. You can strain supplier relationships and they may enforce stiff financial penalties for tardy payment.

Thanks to automation, you can track where your money goes quickly and easily. This greatly reduces the odds you’ll end up paying for goods never received or making double payments, both of which lower ROI and tie up funds needed elsewhere.

3. Better audits

If your company is audited, the process is made much less painful when you automate invoice processing. The audit will be less difficult to manage and far less disruptive to your staff with tracking reports and easy access to documents. This leads to fewer audit challenges and far fewer headaches.

4. A faster, more competitive business

Even though you may not yet be taking advantage of automated business processes, your competition may be. You’ll find that keeping up with them becomes more difficult over time if they’re automated and you’re not. Also, as business processes change and develop in the digital age, an automated workplace can respond to the changes far more quickly than one still relying on manual invoice processing.

There’s no time like the present to get your business on the path to operating more quickly, more efficiently and more profitably. Your business’ bottom line will thank you later!

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