June 24, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning, Solutions

Over the past five years, asking rents of office space in Manhattan have risen  on average by 7%. If this weren’t hard enough, asking rents on older loft buildings in places like South Midtown – historically shunned by traditional businesses and coveted by non-profits – have risen 29% due to an influx of tech firms who are drawn to these spaces.

Since every dollar counts towards achieving your social mission, spending money on space for filing cabinets, bankers’ boxes and other forms of paper storage is not an option, especially for non-profits in New York City. The most cost-effective remedy: document scanning and cloud document management.

How to Gain Space without a Bigger Office or Capital Expense

Non-profits have traditionally avoided the investment in document scanners, capture software and other technology needed to go paperless. What many are now realizing is that you don’t need to make a capital investment to scan documents and to experience all the process automation and space savings it has to offer. Experienced document scanning companies can quickly and accurately scan all of your employee files, donor records, invoices, grant applications, board minutes, legal documents, and all other records – for just pennies a page. No longer needing the space once taken up by a sea of paper can help you reduce rent or relocate to a better grade building.

Anytime, Anywhere Document Access

Once scanned, where do all of these digitized documents go? The cloud offers many capabilities without the capital expense. Cloud document management software offers you the most cost-effective way to securely store, access and share electronic documents anywhere, anytime. This instant access helps improve efficiency within your organization and enables mobile access, remote access and collaboration.

How to Further Offset Rising Operating Costs

Once all of your documents are scanned and managed in the cloud, your non-profit can cut costs and improve efficiency even further by scanning all incoming records and/or capture information with electronic forms and processing them with workflow automation – an add-on module of cloud document management software. This can help streamline invoice processing, grant applications and new employee/volunteer on-boarding and signal to current and prospective donors that you run a smart and efficient operation.

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