August 19, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Management

When partnering with a document management company, who can you can trust with your business critical information?

Choosing the wrong partner can lead to disaster, especially if they are inexperienced, untrained on the latest document management software and/or if they outsource implementation to third-parties without your knowledge.

7 Signs You Can Trust Your Document Management Software Partner

  1. The sales staff is trained and certified by the software developer
  2. They select the best fit for you from multiple document management options
  3. They provide several references for their document management implementations
  4. The technical support team is trained and certified by the software developer
  5. They provide onsite and/or online training to ensure successful usage and adoption
  6. They offer ongoing technical support and assistance with software upgrades
  7. They’re recognized as a top partner by the software developer (e.g. FileBound Executive Council, Digitech Systems Circle of Excellence)

What Are the “Gotchas”?

Many claim to be an experienced document management company but do not have an in-house technical services team. They may sub-contract this to a third-party or to the software vendor itself, and possibly without your being aware of it. Their real expertise may lie more in selling than successful implementation and support, so we recommend that you at least find a document management company with an experienced on-site technical support team. This way you are assured of immediate attention to your needs backed by extensive knowledge of the software and its applications.

What Does Document Management Experience Look Like?

The right document management partner will ensure:

  • The software will meet your business needs now and in the future
  • Your internal environment is compatible with the software’s requirements
  • The software is seamlessly set up and integrated with your line-of-business software, such as your back-end accounting/ERP system
  • You are working with the most recent version of the software
  • Your staff is fully trained
  • Your technical questions are answered quickly and accurately

Ensuring Piece of Mind

Choosing the right document management partner becomes exponentially more important as use of the software spreads throughout you company, often starting in accounts payable or human resources. If you want to ensure that you leverage its functionality, maximize ROI and attain piece of mind with your new document management software, make sure to follow this guide to find someone you can trust.

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