Considering the environmental harm and waste exhibited by millions of filing cabinets nationwide, Digiscribe offers new ways to save more than one type of green just in time for Earth Day.

According to industry statistics*, the paper in a filing cabinet is equivalent to almost four 75-foot trees—primarily because each document gets copied 19 times on average during its life. Mitch Taube, president of Digiscribe goes on to say, “Add in the costs of producing and transporting paper, printing, faxing, and distributing it, real estate taken up by filing cabinets and offsite storage, and we think it’s time for a better way. Earth Day 2012 reminds of how important this is.”

Many know Digiscribe for its award-winning document management software and document scanning services, but new workflow automation, electronic forms and mailroom outsourcing solutions offer heightened levels of time and cost savings that help companies go paperless.

Workflow automation streamlines your business processes by automatically distributing and passing electronic documents, information or tasks from one participant to another for action according to your business rules—without having to print off those 19 copies per document. Digiscribe workflow solutions center around software that integrates with leading ERP and document management systems.

Digiscribe is a solution provider of electronic forms software, which eliminates the need to create, print and scan paper forms. E-Forms enable organizations to create and process forms and associated data easily, quickly and cost-effectively. The integration to document management systems gives organizations the ability to import and manage forms and associated data within a secure and compliant environment. “Our customers are seeing three-month ROI and 20x productivity improvements on average with our e-form services,” according to Taube.

Being located next door to the USPS Elmsford annex, Digiscribe can act as your mailroom to receive, open and scan documents—so you never have to touch incoming mail again. The scanned and indexed documents are uploaded to your document management system for secure storage and retrieval, integrated with your line-of-business software for enhanced efficiency and can kick off automated workflow for streamlined processing.

Digiscribe takes their Green Commitment a step further and walks the walk. Prompted by a recent move, Digiscribe now uses electronic invoices, energy-efficient light bulbs and hand driers instead of paper towels. Digiscribe recycled 7 million sheets of paper in 2011 from clients (after scanning and shredding) and from its own internal use. Additionally, with its “Scan and Save” program, Digiscribe makes a donation for every box of paper scanned to the Nature Conservancy that has paid for replanting thousands of trees over the past four years as part of the Plant a Billion Trees initiative.

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Digiscribe delivers paperless office solutions that eliminate manual and inefficient business processes in accounts payable, human resources, and other critical business areas. Our clients engage us to lower costs, improve efficiency, and mitigate compliance risk throughout their organizations. We offer cost-effective services and software including outsourced digital mailrooms, mailroom scanning, workflow automation, cloud document management software, and document scanning. Digiscribe’s New York office is one of the first SOC 2 Type 2 document conversion centers in the tri-state area, and our New England office is a Massachusetts Privacy Law compliant facility. Both offer award winning technical support and customer service, more than 30 years of experience, and a HIPAA compliance trained staff.

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