Digiscribe New England, a leading document management service provider, is expanding its services in the New England area to include large format document scanning.

Digiscribe New England is responding to the growing needs of businesses, architects and engineers to store, access and share oversize documents electronically. Large format documents such as architectural renderings, engineering drawings and topographic maps require a large amount of costly storage space, are difficult to share among multiple parties and are cumbersome to handle.

“Our expertise in providing cost-efficient, high-quality document scanning services and document management solutions will help companies better manage their large format documents. By digitizing oversize documents, companies will realize space cost savings, quicker and easier access to critical drawings and a more streamlined and seamless way to share their documents,” said Tom Zeliff, VP of Sales.


About Digiscribe New England

Digiscribe New England provides comprehensive document scanning and document management services that help companies, institutions and medical offices operate more efficiently, increase profitability and go green. The company’s services include document scanning, e-forms,advanced OCR data capture, workflow automation, email management, secure online document management repositories, in-house document management software installation, mailroom services and BPO outsourcing. The firm is led by Mitch Taube and Tom Zeliff, industry leaders with over 20 years each of experience.

For more information, please contact Tom Zeliff at tzeliff@digiscribenewengland.com or call (877) 550-2088, or visit digiscribe.info.