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Meet Our Team


Michael Burchianti

Client Services Manager

New York office

Michael is your go-to person for your document scanning projects in progress. He works with you to set up project specifications, output requirements, exception handling and delivery deadlines. He and his team ensure your scanned images and corresponding indexed data are accurate and delivered on time. Michael and his team can answer any questions you have during production.

Helping companies work more efficiently is very rewarding for me. I especially take great pride in being part of converting millions of pages of medical records to an electronic format. The use of technology in healthcare will allow for quicker and more efficient document retrieval that will help lower costs and increase the level of care that is provided.

Michael Burchianti


More About Michael

  • Mike can easily be found biking during his lunch break or after work and enjoys road and mountain biking. He’s also proud to have biked from Oregon to Maryland while raising money for the Leukemia Society.
  • He loves veggie and flower gardening, fly fishing, hunting and cooking what he grows or harvests.
  • Mike proudly served in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard from 1994-2002. He also completed Army Airborne training.
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