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Meet Our Team


Susan Matthews

VP Production

New England office

Susan’s experience as a document management information technology manager spans over 19 years. She has provided the application installation, training and ongoing support for hundreds of customers consistently achieving record-high customer satisfaction rankings.

Susan has vast experience in the entire Digitech Systems product suite, having achieved the first perfect score in the PaperVision Enterprise certification exam. She will be responsible for supporting our customers technically and overseeing our internal production facility’s operations.

Prior to joining the company, Susan was Director of Imaging Systems Support at SourceCorp.

I really like working with people. I enjoy connecting with our customers to fully understand and resolve their technical needs and provide them the training and support they need to be successful. I especially like watching our customers’ reaction to our software training; when their mouths drop and I can see the “wow factor” on their faces. Putting faces with the names of people I speak with on the phone when I finally meet them in person is always fun. Working with our production staff, developing them and teaching them new skills that they never thought they could achieve is also so gratifying.

Susan Matthews


  • HIPAA Compliance Trained
  • Digitech Systems Document Management Software Trained
  • FileBound Certified Professional
  • Frevvo E-Forms Software Trained
  • PSIGEN Document Capture Software Trained
Digiscribe will be migrating to metasource.com »