December 11, 2013 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Management, Office Automation

Efficiency through technology is essential to running a business and maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Cisco has put together a list of ten tips for using network technology to help companies “work more efficiently, cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition.” Five of their points directly relate to document management technology, including workflow automation, cloud document management and mobile access, and are covered below.

  1. Give employees secure, consistent access to information: cloud document management software provides secure and reliable access to critical business documents from any internet browser at anytime from anywhere in the world. Your employees will be empowered with information.
  2. Deliver anytime, anywhere access to employees on the go: cloud document management software allows documents to be accessible from any mobile device, while alerts from workflow automation software allows for on-the-go document review and approval. Employees can be productive anywhere – in the office, from home and on the road.
  3. Make it easy to work together: cloud document management allows for all scanned documents, faxes, email, and electronic documents to reside in the same electronic repository and often are accessible directly from within ERP, accounting and other back-office software applications. This eliminates confusion of which document is the most recent and should be used to work with.
  4. Reduce unproductive travel time: with mobile access to cloud document management with workflow automation, employees can be as productive while in transit as at the office.
  5. Improve employee satisfaction: if employees can be productive anywhere at any time, and have less tedious, manual tasks to perform as a result of workflow automation, they’re likely to be a lot happier.

By implementing workflow automation software, cloud document management and mobile access, you’ll help ensure sustained productivity gains, happy employees and a thrilled executive management team.