July 2, 2014 by Susan Matthews Categories: Software & Products

FileBound 7 will be available this July with improved workflow, e-forms, analytics, user interface (UI), and Android app, representing a leap forward for this in-house and cloud document management software first introduced in 2001. As one of only a few FileBound Executive Partners in the world, we’ve identified the top 5 ways FileBound 7 will liberate you from both inefficiency and reliance upon IT.

1. Analytics for Fast Decision-Making

FileBound insights dashboard screenshot

A new analytics dashboard is available in FileBound 7 Enterprise’s cloud offering and provides meaningful, timely and actionable business insights into all work processes. Management can see where every document is in the process to identify bottlenecks and predictive analytics based on run-rate history. This allows business owners to get the full value of all of the data and documents captured within FileBound to make better-informed business decisions.

2. Android App, Responsive Design & True Mobility

Complementing the current iOS app, FileBound 7 now has an Android app. FileBound itself features a new responsive design that allows it to be mobile device agnostic. This is especially critical since smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous in the workplace, from company-owned devices to organizations adhering to a “BYOD” (bring your own device) policy for employees. In this way, remote and on-the-go workers can have access to the same FileBound system at no additional cost over traditional access—which helps ensure business continuity in the face of normal travel, power outages and working remotely.

3. Optimized User Interface & Faster Performance

FileBound File Detail screenshot

FileBound 7’s updated interface now reflects the way people use consumer web applications, while maintaining a layout familiar to current users. The new design is focused on ease-of-use, faster and more intuitive navigation, reduced clutter, and bringing focus to most relevant and important content. The result is a dramatic increase in the speed and performance of both the software and the business processes for which it’s used.

4. Drag & Drop Workflow Interface

Drag-and-drop workflow builder screenshot

FileBound’s workflow functionality has been strengthened and simplified to provide even greater flexibility in configuring and testing workflows with its graphical drag-and-drop interface. This lets companies respond to changing business needs faster without needing a programmer for custom scripting.

5. E-Forms & the Paperless Path

FileBound Forms Portal screenshot

FileBound 7 Enterprise features a new Forms Portal, which includes a new drag-and-drop E-form Designer. The designer lets users create simple HTML forms directly in FileBound with no IT involvement needed. Functioning as an E-Forms Portal, FileBound extends business processes outside the enterprise by allowing anyone, anywhere to capture form data, additional documentation and signatures. This can be done in a fraction of the time, without paper, without the subsequent re-keying and inevitable keying errors. Because a high percentage of business documents are forms, this represents a potentially game-changing productivity advantage for users.

What Does the New FileBound 7 Mean for You?

While there are many software and cloud document management applications on the market, FileBound 7 is impressive. If you’re using legacy document management software, you’ll likely find that FileBound offers the possibility of dramatic productivity gains likely for less—often much less—than what you’re paying today, particularly with its cloud version. Less need for IT involvement is also a definite plus.

If you’re not presently using document management, then now is the time. We can help you build a business case for implementing FileBound, complete with estimated payback period and return on investment, usually over a matter of months.

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