April 16, 2013 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Scanning

Paper is a persistent and growing problem in many offices, taking up valuable real estate space that could be better utilized. Gaining control of your documents is essential to creating better visibility and more efficiency within your organization.

This Sunday marked the beginning of “Organizing Your Files Week,” a week dedicated to organizing your paper documents to gain back control and going green. This initial step is crucial to begin addressing the paper problem in your office. The real power comes when you digitize your paper documents with document scanning services and storing them in document management software.

Below is a list of 6 questions that you should start asking internally to begin eliminating the paper problem in your business:

  1. Which departments are drowning the most in paper? Human resources and accounts payable tend to process and handle the most paper and can gain the greatest efficiency gains by scanning documents.
  2. Can any of our business processes be automated? The ability to identify which of your business processes can be automated is important to creating accountability, gaining visibility, and increasing efficiency. By automating your business process workflow and implementing e-forms, you can greatly reduce processing times.
  3. Who will be responsible for scanning the documents? It may seem beneficial to have your staff take care of the document scanning in-house, but outsourcing the work is more cost-effective and efficient. An experienced and certified document scanning partner can turn around scanning jobs quickly and allow your staff to focus on their core business responsibilities.
  4. What do we do with our scanned documents? After scanning, your digitized documents can be stored in a document management system that is hosted on your internal servers or in the cloud. Wherever you documents are stored, they are secure and easy to access and track.
  5. What happens to our original documents? Once your scanned documents have been uploaded into your document management system, there are two options for your original paper documents: shredding or long-term off-site storage. Your document scanning partner should work with a NAID certified shredder to ensure your documents are destroyed securely and provide a certificate of destruction as verification.
  6. What are we waiting for? Don’t let any more time pass and take action now. Start the conversation and begin initial research and planning. The sooner you address your organization’s paper problem, the sooner you can gain the benefits of document scanning and document management, taking the first steps to going green in time for Earth Day next week