July 16, 2013 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Management

It’s no secret: to be successful in today’s increasingly competitive business environment, companies need to do more with less. What may be less apparent is that document management and workflow automation software have been at the forefront of helping companies of all sizes accomplish more with fewer people, less time, and less space for a fraction of what these technologies used to cost.

What is Document Management & Workflow Automation?

Document management software allows companies to securely store, manage, edit, track and access documents directly from the computer or mobile device. The software can be hosted on a company’s internal servers or in the cloud.

Workflow automation software streamlines manual, and often tedious, business processes to complete tasks more quickly, make more effective decisions, provide better quality service, and to identify and resolve bottlenecks.

Do More with Less Time, People & Space

In addition to helping companies better manage and track their vital documents, document management and workflow automation software allow companies to do more in less time, with less people in less space.

    1. Automate and accelerate slow, manual, error-prone tasks such as manual data entry
    2. Reduce time needed for paper-intensive workloads such as invoice processing
    3. Reallocate non-revenue generating employees to core service offerings
    4. Minimize real estate needs by eliminating file cabinets and storage boxes
    5. Reclaim much needed real estate space for revenue-generating employees
    6. Increase visibility into key business processes to evaluate efficiency and expedite processing, such as order fulfillment and invoice processing
    7. Reduce paper related costs such as storage, supplies, and couriers
    8. Improve information sharing and collaboration, particularly with remote users
    9. Quicker and less intrusive audits due to document security settings and audit trails, which is especially useful in industries with intensive compliance requirements such as pharmaceutical, medical and financial

Gaining Competitive Advantage

Because of the benefits outlined above, the use of document management and workflow automation software leads to advancements in accountability, management visibility, lower processing times, and improved efficiency—allowing you to do more with less and giving you a competitive advantage.