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Do you ever get the feeling that paper is slowing your business down? It isn’t your imagination.

In a new report titled “Paper Wars 2014 – update from the battlefield”, the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) shows just how much of a speedbump paper-based processes can be.

Nor are the casualties of this “war” limited to your employees and process. As it turns out, the most important victim of the “paper lag” is actually your customer.

Here are some interesting nuggets from the report:

  • Over two-thirds of companies surveyed say that paper’s “snail’s pace” will be unacceptable in just a few years
  • Almost half reported that removing paper from their process was the #1 action they could take to improve their productivity
  • The most important incentive for trading in paper for stored digital documents is enhanced ability to search for and share business related documents (being able to respond to customers faster and lessening demands for storage space were also important)
  • More than 77% of companies that made the switch to a digital mailroom achieved a return on their investment within just 18 months

Digital documents: a clear winner

One of the biggest problems with doing business “at the speed of paper” is that, thanks to “Web 3.0,” customers and clients now expect processes that are fast and seamless, rather than slow and clunky.

As the AIIM report indicates, companies that have gone digital have achieved benefits that are allowing them to better meet the needs of today’s customer – and lift their profitability as well:

  • Clients are being served and responded to faster
  • Employees are able to achieve more, and are both more productive and happier
  • Processes have become more efficient, as well as more transparent and easier to track and control
  • Data is now more easily available to traveling or telecommuting employees

Is paper holding your company back?

These days, businesses need every advantage they can get. And that includes shedding excess baggage that can hold you back from serving your customers quicker and better than the competition. With today’s increasingly decentralized operations, mobilized staff, and hundreds of processes that can be better managed and controlled through the use of digital technology, going paperless is a great way to do just that.

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