May 11, 2012 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Management

How safe is your business from disasters – a fierce storm, a flood, or even an earthquake?

In truth, the probability of being effected by a major catastrophe is relatively low. But even less spectacular disasters can wreak havoc on your businesses. A fire in your building, a blackout in the midst of the hot summer, a crane crashing through your offices can all stop your business dead in its tracks.

Unfortunately, research shows that over 60% of companies confronted by a major disaster close within two years.

A cloud-based document management system that provides secure and redundant storage of your electronic documents can help protect you from catastrophic losses if your office is damaged or inaccessible. A digital imaging and document management system provides disaster recovery, business continuity and peace of mind-knowing that you can:

  • Secure and protect irreplaceable documents in a fully- redundant cloud based document management system
  • Ensure business continuity during an unexpected event
  • Access business-critical documents 24/7 from any computer allowing your business to operate from anywhere
  • Minimize downtime and disruption to your customers
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements for document security

You may be thinking you have a disaster recovery plan if all of your data is backed up and off site. That’s great – you can reload them onto your computer. But what about all the paper based accounting files, HR records, contracts, proof-of-delivery papers, and other business critical documents that might be destroyed in the event of an unforeseen disaster?  Ask yourself one simple question: “If a disaster hit in my area, how long would it take to get my business up and running again?”

Document scanning and indexing of your business critical documents will help keep you in business even if your office is inaccessible or destroyed.

Look for a document management specialist who provides document scanning services and cloud-based solutions to help keep your business running in good weather or bad.