October 21, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning, Solutions

Is your office moving soon or sometime in the near future? If so, one of the most common “gotchas” that generates unforeseen costs is having to move paper documents.

Many organizations are unaware how many paper documents they have in all those filing cabinets, bankers boxes and spread around every cubicle and desk, how much unnecessary space they consume, and even how much everything weighs. This knowledge can prevent you from being the next moving horror story.

Moving Horror Stories

One of our clients recently called in a panic to have all of their documents scanned. The reason? They were moving so many documents to a new office space that the weight of the paper exceeded the maximum load weight for the floor. To keep all of the paper, they would need to reinforce the floor with steel beams – a cost they would have to incur. Scanning the documents before they moved saved them what would have been an enormous expense.

Another client didn’t estimate how much space they really needed for all their filing cabinets and other paper storage until the movers were loading everything into the new office. After squeezing everything in, the new space was cramped and not able to be used as originally planned, defeating the purpose of the move.

Think Paper Early

While these stories are amusing, you don’t want to deal with these problems before it is too late. Read our moving guide blog post to help determine how many documents you have and how much space they consume. You may also want to hire a moving consultant to ensure you are thinking everything through and planning for everything.

Even when you outsource document scanning, it still takes time (and is costlier as a rush service), so you want to avoid scanning in a panic. It’s also good to leave the clutter of your old office behind – it may even help you attract more millennial talent.

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