December 4, 2014 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Scanning, Solutions

Leaders in the biotech, pharmaceutical and research industries need to safeguard their documents against any unexpected calamities that can set development back for months or even years. Paper documents are notoriously vulnerable to the elements, time, and wear, but even a simple move to a new office can result in the loss of indispensable paperwork. When it comes to the documents that establish the foundation for a successful enterprise, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and turning to digital scanning can protect companies from unexpected document loss and ensure that projects proceed as they were intended.

Moving Beyond Lab Book Scanning

In some cases, it can take over a decade and costs that range between $4 billion and $12 billion before a pharmaceutical company or biotech firm is ready to introduce a new product to the market. Because the development process often takes years to complete and there is so much riding on the successful introduction of new drugs, forward-thinking research labs scan their lab books to track progress, maintain continuity, prevent loss, and protect intellectual property. But it doesn’t end there. Lab book scanning and archiving is just the tip of the iceberg.

CFOs, comptrollers and lab directors can also rely on digital document scanning to help them cut costs, boost efficiency, manage security, and quickly resolve compliance issues. The difference between an afternoon spent trying to physically locate a document and a few seconds spent making simple keystrokes is immense. In an industry where costly setbacks and complications can arise in an instant, having digital documents at the ready ensures that managers can respond to any need within a moment’s notice. This type of accessibility keeps businesses agile and focused on development without being sidelined by timewasting tasks. When productivity and effectiveness are major concerns, laboratories and research facilities can utilize digital documentation and cloud-based document management software to ensure that they retain their place at the forefront of the industry.

Exploring the Possibilities

Contracts, FDA filings, SBA filings, quality binders, credentialing papers and materials sheets: These are the types of documents that companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and research sectors are increasingly opting to digitize and store using secure, cloud-based software. Maintaining a digital version of these essential files helps to streamline functions in all areas of an organization. Using the cloud, a single document can be securely shared instantly among multiple parties, enabling remote collaboration and information retrieval. Managers can monitor projects as they evolve and address potential problems before they can undermine progress. Through the use of secure cloud technology, organizations can also ensure that their intellectual property and other vital documents are only available to authorized personnel.

Paperwork is almost always a necessity, and businesses that strive to remain proactive in managing their records find that document scanning saves time, money, and manpower. The results are readily seen in heightened productivity, additional layers of security, and lower costs. As more businesses in the in the biotech, pharmaceutical and research sectors discover that they are not simply limited to digitized lab books, cloud-based document software is likely to become the new industry norm for storing records of all types.

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