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In a recent blog post, we discussed how cloud document management can be used as a self-service portal for partners, customers and employees and how this can result in competitive advantage. Below is a case study summary of how a medical waste hauling company uses cloud document management as a self-service portal and how this has helped them take on and beat much larger competitors.

Information in a Pinch

Federal mandates require that doctors, dentists and other healthcare operations dispose of their hazardous and medical waste properly—and keep the signed manifests for up to three years to prove it.

Problems arose for medical waste hauling company’s customers when city and state inspectors would show up, unannounced, to perform an audit. Because “the person who used to handle this is gone,” the basement flooded or for any number of other reason, customers would call up in a panic. Not having these documents readily available can cost these facilities thousands in fines. They needed a way to keep these documents, yet did not want to necessarily have to manage the documents themselves.

Manifests in a New York Minute

To provide near instant access to their documents, the company created a self-service portal. All documents were scanned and indexed by Digiscribe, and then uploaded to a cloud document management system. By providing a login to it, the cloud document management system serves the company’s customers as a self-service portal by allowing their customers to quickly search and retrieve electronic versions of their manifests—without any intervention by the company’s staff. Customers can even provide direct access to their electronic manifests to the inspectors themselves, thereby cutting audits that used to take days to a matter of hours.

Competitive Advantage

While the system does save them up to $25,000 per year, the real benefit of the system is that it gives Approved Storage the tools and technology to compete with much larger, Fortune 500 businesses. According to the company’s president: “Offering online access to manifests allows us to offer the same services as much larger companies and still be able to charge 30% less. It really helps us get in with hospitals and other large facilities—they love that we can streamline and automate the way they access their manifests and provide that access 24/7.”

Read the entire medical waste hauling company case study here and contact us to learn more about cloud document management as a self-service portal.

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