January 7, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning

The largest firms may offer the lowest rates for a product or service which is great…until you need them. Big companies that are price leaders are usually the least likely to support you in time of need. These companies tend to be profitable based on generating the highest volume of business and offering the lowest quality of service. This creates a paradox between your price and your true cost. The same is true with document scanning companies.

Often times, a large document scanning company with the lowest price doesn’t include the cost of other required services for your project. The initial price to scan your documents may seem like a great deal, but what does that price include?

4 Reasons Why Cheap Costs More

  1. Price by box. Paying for scanning by the box seems like a much better deal than paying per image. So what’s the catch? A standard Bankers box fits approximately 2,500 pages, but companies charging per box are probably using smaller boxes that hold fewer pages. In this case, you may end up paying more per image.
  2. Incomplete pricing: no prepping, no indexing, no quality control. In almost all situations, your documents will require some prep work. Prepping includes removing staples, taping receipts to larger sheets of paper, or adding sheets for document breaks (to know where one document begins or ends). It is essential to have your documents indexed by at least one field, such as customer name or invoice number, so that you will be able to easily locate the document. This service is not always included in low cost document scanning prices.
  3. Limited output options and retrieval software. Depending on the company, there may be limitations on how your scanned documents can be output. Some companies may require documents to be saved in a particular file format, such as PDF only, rather than the output of your choice. Some low cost leaders require you to use specific document management software in order to get the cheapest price on scanning or to even use their scanning services at all.
  4. Turanournd time. Depending on how many pages you need scanned can largely impact how quickly your job gets scanned and priced. The smaller the project and the lower the cost, the longer you may have to wait for your project to be done, especially with larger document scanning companies.

Don’t Choose on Price and Size Alone

As with just about anything, you get what you pay for with document scanning. Pricing is always important, but value is even more so. You will get the best bang for your buck with a provider, regardless of their size, that offers transparent pricing, great customer service and delivers a high-quality service, not the lowest price.