March 4, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning

Though you would expect that the largest document scanning providers offer the greatest breadth of services and customer service flexibility, the opposite is true more often than not.

Many of these national organizations lure you in with bottom-of-the-barrel pricing but will only scan medical records or invoices and may require you to use their document management software. They can only offer this low pricing based on extremely high volumes of very specific types of scanning, performed in a very specific manner, which forces many into a box.

However, most organizations need to scan many different types of operational documents as well as those from the back-office—from backfiles trapped in filing cabinets and basements to documents that come in every day. Some need to outsource all of their scanning, while others would like to capture at least some of these documents in-house. Others need a hybrid solution potentially spanning multiple departments and divisions. Some even want to use their own document management software or at least evaluate more than one of the many options available on the market today.

Only nimble and flexible document scanning providers can address all of these document scanning needs effectively and holistically.

Scanning Options

While many companies need offsite document scanning, this might not be the case for all of their documents. It’s possible that documents stored in file cabinets and boxes need to be scanned and outsourced to a document scanning company, while it might be better to scan new and incoming documents onsite/in-house.

On the other hand, it might be better to have your incoming documents received directly by your scanning provider acting as your virtual mailroom, providing “PO box scanning,” especially for invoices, expense reports, and other documents being mailed or emailed in.

Additionally, it may be better to outsource the scanning of those documents handled internally by your team, or at least the overflow at peak times.

Whatever the case, you will want to work with a document scanning provider that will evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution based on a wide breadth of options.

Document Management that Works for You

After your documents are scanned, what’s the best place for them to reside and how do you find them quickly afterwards?

Some large document scanning providers require you to use their own software. What if you already have document management software or would like to consider software that can be used across multiple applications and departments? Some may only output to limited file formats, or can upload only to limited software platforms or burn your images to CDs and DVDs for loading onto your shared drive, making them nearly impossible to find afterwards.

Savvy document scanning companies give you document management options, from in-house software to cloud to workflow automation, all of which can integrate with your ERP system—far more effective solutions.

Choose Wisely

For the optimal and most cost-effective document scanning and management solutions for your organization, you need a provider who will identify the best solution based on what you really need, including solutions that work within your current information management infrastructure—instead of a narrowly defined offering, sold in high volumes that only work within inflexible systems.

Flexible providers are also far more likely to offer unanticipated value-adding services, sometimes for no extra charge, instead of forcing you into their box. In this way, there’s something bigger than big when it comes to document scanning and management.

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