January 21, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning

Choosing a document scanning company based on its size seems like a logical choice – the bigger the company, the more power behind it, right?

Size isn’t always the strongest predictor of how a company will support you, but a company’s customer service record will let you know if a document scanning company is right for you or leave you with buyer’s remorse.

There are three aspects of customer service to look for when selecting a document scanning partner, the quality of which is independent of company size: being nimble, flexible and responsive.


Document scanning providers who are nimble can easily handle changes in scope of work, turnaround time and client requests in general—all of which may happen over the life of a project, especially ongoing projects. As a result, a document scanning provider’s nimbleness extends to their clients so they can adapt to their changing needs quickly and painlessly.


The best document scanning companies frequently provide extra services that add value for their customers. For example, some companies don’t have the time to pack up all their documents for scanning. Customer-service oriented providers will often send their own people to your location to pack your documents into boxes—and they do so faster and more effectively while your team concentrates on core business responsibilities.


A good example of responsiveness is on small projects, such as a once a year job with a relatively small quantity of pages in a single shipment. This can be such a small and inconsequential job for larger document scanning companies that the job does not receive the attention it deserves in turnaround time, proper setup, quality control, etc. A document scanning company with a strong commitment to customer service will have an appreciation for your document scanning projects whether it’s a small annual job or a large, weekly recurring one.

Size Isn’t Everything

Nimble, flexible and responsive document scanning providers are so because the ownership and the executive team put their clients first. They proactively find ways to add value for customers and effectively resolve problems when they occur. This lies in stark contrast to those with a nationwide footprint who treat you like a number and may let your project fall through the cracks if it is not up to a certain size or profitability quota. Choosing a larger document scanning company doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to receive the best service available, so be sure to choose a partner who treats you and your scanning projects as their top priority.