April 22, 2014 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Management

With the recession and sluggish economic growth increasingly behind us, the job market is starting to heat up, with the youngest and brightest in high demand. Where does the next generation workforce want to work?

Dark offices with drop-ceilings, cubicles, filing cabinets and stacks of paper are out. Light, open spaces that spur collaboration and laptops are in.

From Trendy to Mainstream

For many years now, design firms and tech start-ups have worked in the loft space of converted warehouses and manufacturing plants. Leading edge companies in many industries are now following suit. From biotechs to bankers this trend is becoming mainstream as companies recognize the impact on productivity and the attractiveness to millennials and even their predecessors, the Gen-Xers. Even Baby Boomers can find new levels of energy and productivity when thrown into the mix. This new open office atmosphere, with “I spaces,” huddle rooms and walk stations, reflects an emerging corporate culture of openness and collaboration highlighted in this Boston Globe article.

Clear the Space

If you have a traditional office environment crowded with file cabinets, storage boxes and cluttered desks, here are 4 easy steps to eliminate the clutter and to create a cooler, more productive space:

  1. Scan your documents to eliminate paper files and create a clean and efficient working environment
  2. Empower your employees with cloud document management software so they can store, access and share documents from any laptop or mobile device from wherever they are working
  3. Process your documents digitally with workflow automation software and eliminate the paper in order fulfillment, invoice processing and HR onboarding
  4. Digitize your business files stored in file cabinets and bankers boxes and reclaim office space for “huddle rooms”

Going Digital

In addition to clearing the space, scanning your documents – especially when uploading them into cloud document management software – allows company information to be accessible anywhere in the office, when working from home or when on the road. Workflow automation, e-forms and digital signatures takes this a step further by eliminating the need to fill out and route paper for review and approval.

Stimulating Productivity & Collaboration

Companies that depart the 20th century by clearing the space and going digital are the ones attracting the best millennials and fostering a productive and collaborative working environment, both in the office incubator and when working beyond. The effect also rubs off on clients and partners who want to work with efficient, forward thinking and contemporary organizations. These companies are putting themselves in a position to achieve stronger growth and a stronger competitive advantage than ever before. What are you waiting for?

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