July 13, 2012 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning

Though we do so much work today with document scanning, document management and workflow automation, these services have actually grown out of a deep expertise in providing data entry services.

Why is that important? Because data is the backbone of any business and we know data.

Nowadays, anyone can scan documents but this is a useless endeavor if you can’t get back to your digitized images easily and quickly. Without reliable indexing and accurate data entry, a scanned image is as good as a lost document.

What Makes a Good Data Entry Partner

Having seen so many companies offering data entry services who just pass along the work to offshore partners they have never met and seeing clients struggling to work with offshore partners directly, here are the following criteria we believe makes for an ideal data entry partner here in the US:

  • Deep experience in both the data entry process and managing offshore partners
  • Utilizing English-speaking data entry professionals who can key from handwriting and machine print sources
  • Ensure accuracy by double-keying of data
  • Establishing clear directives for keying operators
  • Having the flexibility to adapt keying specification changes quickly and accurately
  • Having proven quality control procedures at every stage of the keying process to check data integrity, data relationships and data completeness—i.e. queries to check for specific things like alphanumeric characters in a date field
  • Using document management professionals to set up, manage and deliver data integrated with digitized documents
  • Proactively addressing anomalies with the keying facility in the rare instance that they occur

Digiscribe’s Data Entry Value-Add

I started in the document management industry in 1986 as a data entry service provider sending work offshore before people knew what outsourcing even meant. I have visited and worked with keying facilities in the Philippines, Jamaica, India, and Sri-Lanka. My expertise in data entry is recognized throughout the document management industry with numerous scanning and microfilming service bureaus using Digiscribe as their data-entry back-office where they scan and we index—some for all their data entry and others for overflow.

What Does This Mean for You?

We know data! For our scanning clients, we provide the best-in-class data entry and indexing services, Even when companies do their own data entry indexing with the help of zonal OCR for day-forward scanning (which we can set up), they still need help indexing large volumes and/or to handle backfile conversions, which is what we call all the documents in your file cabinets, chart room or stored in boxes.

Many of our clients also rely on our keying expertise as part of our overall invoice processing solution, allowing them to reallocate staff to core responsibilities.

Thus, whatever your data entry needs, we can help. Our clients love our data entry services because our quality is excellent and the pricing is favorable. Other data entry applications include membership lists, order cards, rebate coupons, surveys, warranty cards, and enrollment cards—from paper, microfilm or microfiche.

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