June 14, 2016 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation

Certain factors make the implementation of workflow automation a better idea than others. If your organization has become buried in unresolved paperwork processes, or if you’re constantly struggling to overcome a broken processing system, then now’s the time to make a change. Our range of services can help to automate your business processes and give your company a competitive advantage far beyond what your organization has known before.

Start with Fixing Your Broken Processes

There’s no reason to stick with manual processes that no longer work the way they’re intended to. It might take too long to get your documents into a given process, or too many documents arrive at once for your staff to efficiently handle. A host of mailroom issues could be slowing down your organization, as could errors resulting from manual data entry. Maybe you have trouble finding the right documents when you need them, or you can’t see into processes like accounts payable or order fulfillment to gain the insights contained therein.

Does this sound familiar? Luckily, there are a number of solutions!

Workflow automation software will allow you to fix your organizational issues while simultaneously priming your organization for long-term growth and development. Manual errors and mailroom issues are done away with entirely by a combination of document scanning and an outsourced mailroom, and cloud-based document management software allows full transparency into your business’ daily operations. Automate your process and you won’t only deal with what’s broken: you’ll improve the efficiency of what remains.

Determine a Paperwork Solution That Fits Your Business Needs

Or maybe nothing’s broken, but you’ve got issues with overwhelming, seemingly insurmountable paperwork. Documents can be lost or misplaced under such circumstances, and when you can’t find important invoices, purchase orders and HR documents, you can’t process them on time. Organizing all that paper costs money, too, on account of the necessary filing cabinets and storage boxes, and that’s just if you want to store it in-house: if you’d prefer to move it off-site, that’s an even greater expense, including possible real estate costs.

Digitization eliminates the problem of not staying on top of paperwork by converting your paper documents into electronic files, distributing them for processing with workflow automation software and storing them in a cloud document management system. Everything gets received, prepped and indexed off-site, and with no physical paper arriving at your workplace, there’s no need to rely on slow manual processes. Mailroom scanning with workflow automation prepares your documents in advance and sends them to you digitally for on-time processing, and any information you need will be available in your document management software. This keeps your organization in regulatory compliance easier than ever before, and with no need for cabinets, boxes, or exorbitant real estate costs.

If your organization struggles to dig out from a scattered, messy paperwork system that seems to revel in broken processes causing more issues than they solve, mailroom scanning, document management and workflow automation is the answer. It helps you dig out from the problems holding your organization back while setting you up for a more successful, agile and robust future.

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