July 27, 2012 by Mitch Taube Categories: Solutions

As we continue to search for new and innovative software solutions that help our clients manage documents and processes, we were attracted to Scribbles Software and their electronic form and cloud document management solutions for K-12 school districts.

We are particularly impressed with Scribbles Software’s ability to provide a self-funded records request and delivery process for the K-12 market.

Did you catch that? Zero net cost.

The biggest benefit, though, is not having to manually handle the cash/check payment process involved with traditional, paper-based records request delivery. By using Scribbles, K-12 schools can fulfill student transcript requests through a website with complete accountability without requiring staff to manually accept payment and complete the transaction. The solution can be branded through the school’s website while using Amazon to transparently manage the financial activity behind the scenes.

As a result, the system often pays for itself and in less than a year. Not only is this based on cost-savings generated by using Scribbles Software, but also because the software charges for access to student and employee records for individuals (former students and employees) and companies verifying information.

Just about every school district faces the ongoing challenge of what to do about their paper records in the face of shrinking budgets. Schools are running out of space and don’t wish to add administrative staff to manage paper transcripts or process transcript requests. After all, every dollar spent on an administrative activity is a dollar not going toward a student’s education. Throw in the need to be compliant with FERPA and No Child Left Behind, and school districts can really feel the pinch.

This is why Scribbles Software is the ideal solution—it solves all of these problems without creating a budget hole.

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