March 22, 2013 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Management, Office Automation

Many organizations have seen the value in document management software, which provides immediate and secure access to documents. Office automation software takes document management a step further, helping to streamline business processes, accelerate processing, improve visibility, ensure accountability, increase efficiency and lower costs.

Historically, office automation solutions were financially out of reach for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Today, there are affordable office automation solutions for the SMB market, allowing them to play in the big leagues with a competitive advantage. Office automation becomes even more cost-effective and efficient when the solution is implemented in the Cloud, allowing users to have access to critical documents for review and processing anywhere and anytime.

Streamline Business Processes

Companies often start to automate their processes in accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources and order fulfillment. Key parts of an office automation solution include:

  • E-forms: Digitally created transactional forms eliminate paperwork and manual data entry.
  • Workflow Automation: Route electronic documents, information or tasks automatically throughout your organization.
  • Integration: Your document management software and line of business applications can pass data between each other to eliminate manual data entry and speed up processing.
  • Mobile Access: Access, share and process your documents securely from your smartphone or tablet.

Look for an Experienced Office Automation Provider

Be sure to partner with an experienced document management company with a strong success record in helping businesses and organizations implement automation solutions. The company you select should also be certified, trained, and recognized for their commitment to superior customer service and technical support.

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