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According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 20% of wage and salaried employees  work from home.* This represents a growth of 73% since 2005.** Add to that the number of employees in the field, those traveling at any given time and those who may be prevented from coming into the office because of a Nor’easter and you’ve got an increasingly mobile workforce who needs access to work documents while away from the office.

BYOC & Security Issues You Never Thought Of

What is the best way to give them access? Many use cloud file sharing services like Google Drive and Dropbox because they’re commonly known and they’re easy to use. However, this trend of “bring your own cloud” (BYOC) creates major security issues and decentralized silos of information – two threats to any organization. This is why we recommend business grade cloud document management software for highly secure, administratively controlled remote access to your company’s critical business documents.

Anything that Can Go Wrong with BYOC, May Go Wrong

With BYOC, employees often forget what they uploaded, do not delete files after the intended recipients have downloaded them, and can accidentally send the wrong link. We’ve heard of employees who thought they sent a link for one file, but accidentally sent a link to their entire file sharing directory, exposing all the files within it. We’ve also heard employees inadvertently providing access to customer contracts, sensitive HR information (including I-9s and salary data) and medical information that could be considered a HIPAA violation. Even if a cloud file sharing system is secure, the invitation email can accidentally be sent to the wrong person or forwarded to an unauthorized person by the recipient, leaving you with no ability to effectively control access.

Prevent BYOC Silos

When employees work remotely, it can be challenging to collaborate especially if documents are spread across numerous BYOC accounts and not all the same version. Even if centrally located in a shared drive, documents are often not filed in the same folders or named in a consistent manner. It can also be difficult to access your internal shared drive by VPN, particularly from mobile devices and when using public wi-fi. Employers need to store all company information in the same place, easily searchable and securely available to employees whether they are in the office or working remotely.

A Different Cloud for Ultra-Security & Centralization

Cloud document management software provides ultra-secure remote access to a centralized repository of your documents and is a compelling alternative to BYOC. Business grade document management software is user-friendly, provides reliable and instant access to documents from any computer or mobile device and offers functionality and security cloud file sharing does not: robust user access/admin controls, multiple security levels, version control, revision history, document retention scheduling, and audit trails. Using enterprise-wide cloud document management software instead of allowing your employees to use their own document silos in the cloud allows you to ensure remote employee productivity, encourage collaboration and keep all company information securely in one place—and you’ll be able to better sleep at night not having to worry about the security of your documents.


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