March 8, 2013 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Management, Office Automation

Yahoo recently made headlines for eliminating its telecommuting policy and requiring all employees to report to the office. While the business community is split on whether or not it is the right call, there are other measures that can be taken that may not require a company-wide telecommuting ban.

For any business process, it is important for employees to be held accountable and for management to have full visibility into the process, something that may have been lacking at Yahoo. With cloud document management software, management is able to see what documents are being accessed, who is working on them and what changes are being made, no matter where staff is located.  Management gains more control and insight by having immediate access to information, processes and activity that may not have been as easily attainable without a cloud document management system.

Workflow automation software takes accountability and visibility a step further by ensuring action is being taken on assignments in a timely manner. Managers are able to see where a document is in process, what tasks have been completed, and how long a document has taken to get from point A to point B. This kind of visibility can help management identify areas that may need improvement and help further streamline business processes. If an assignment slips through the cracks, management can be notified via email and rectify the situation.

So where does telecommuting come in? Beyond streamlining business processes and improving accountability and visibility, cloud document management software gives your employees the ability to access your business documents from any computer or mobile device, whether or not they are in the office. Everyone has access to the same documents in one location, preventing multiple versions of documents from being created and saved in multiple locations. This ensures collaboration and quality are not jeopardized when working remotely.

While telecommuting may not be right for every employee, a blanket telecommuting ban may not be right for your company. Cloud document management software provides accountability and visibility that leaves you in control whether your employees are in the office or working remotely. You can make better informed decisions and identify employees that may be better suited to work in the office rather than home based on past performance.

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