December 12, 2014 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Management

E-discovery mandates can be a major burden on your company when it comes time to disclose electronic documents – an event which can often arrive right out of left field. If you aren’t fully prepared, you run the risk of fines, penalties, and legal hassles, all of which are completely avoidable with proper electronic document storage.

Yet according to a new white paper from AIIM, many companies are not properly prepared for e-discovery compliance. Here are some key findings from the new research:

  • 74% of the organizations polled rely on manual processes to manage the downstream legal discovery process
  • 25% have no advanced or dedicated search tools
  • 53% of respondents agree that their legal discovery procedures are “ad hoc, manual, disruptive and expensive”

Personal devices and apps compound the e-discovery challenge

Another key finding from the white paper deserves special attention, and that is that 47% of the companies studied feel that universal search and compliant e-discovery is becoming near impossible given the proliferation of cloud share and collaboration apps, personal note systems and mobile devices.

When you think about it, how many of your employees are using their own personal mobile devices and sharing apps on a daily basis? The answer is probably close to 100%. This aspect of the digital age makes e-discovery compliance more challenging than ever.

Stay compliant and prepared with document management software

Even though companies today face unprecedented hurdles in managing e-discovery compliance, document management software could be your first step in finding an effective solution to this issue.

With document management software, all of your docs are stored in one central digital location that can be accessed from any mobile device or laptop, offsetting the fragmentation of documents caused by the widespread use of personal devices within the workplace.

By digitizing and consolidating all of your company’s documents, document management software also makes it easy to perform a universal search at any time, so you can pull exactly what you need, when you need it; this is a huge advantage during the e-discovery process.

And document management software can be integrated with your existing business systems, such as your accounting, order fulfillment, HR software, and more. This provides you with seamless and immediate access to documents from multiple departments – including emails, invoices, scanned paper documents, or anything else – right when you need them, helping your company to stay prepared in the event of an e-discovery request.

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