January 20, 2015 by Susan Matthews Categories: Software & Products

Are you looking for a way to better understand your company’s data, in a way that helps you make more informed and profitable business decisions?

How about the ability to quickly pinpoint any bottlenecks in your work processes, and get more control over critical processes, like accounts payable?

Perhaps it’s time to join the tens of thousands of businesses that are upgrading to software that features dashboards to turn information into actionable insights and an improved bottom line.

Instead of looking at raw data through the “keyhole” of isolated reports, dashboards gather, organize and present information in a way that’s more thorough and more accessible.

Dashboards (like the one seen below) also make it easier to understand the data you’re looking at, through visual snapshots that paint a clear picture of what’s really happening inside your company. This allows you to respond with the course of action best suited to the goals you’re looking to accomplish, and provides forecasting and drill-down capabilities that can dramatically expand management’s insight into employee performance, operational inefficiencies, and bottlenecks in areas like invoice processing.

FileBound insights dashboard screenshot

Additional insights through dashboards

In addition to invoice processing speed, dashboards also offer more comprehensive analyses on all of the following:

  • How an individual employee compares to the team average
  • Which documents and items are in process, along with their status (i.e. which processes have been completed)
  • Predictions on future processing time for various document types, based on past performance
  • Dollar amounts of invoices coming due in a given time period, based on historical data (use this information to maximize discounts, or avoid missing due dates)

These insights and predictive analytics help you managers run your company more effectively, more efficiently, and more proactively – improving processes and profitability in unprecedented ways.

Get the most out of dashboards through document management and workflow automation software

In order to get the maximum number of measurable and actionable insights through dashboard monitoring, it’s also advisable to implement document management software and workflow automation software. The easiest and most cost-efficient way to do this is by choosing document management and workflow automation software that incorporates a dashboard feature.

For example, FileBound Enterprise software is an industry leading document management and workflow automation software that features a powerful dashboard, allowing you to more effectively measure, monitor and manage your company’s operations, and alter processes wherever and whenever the need arises.

Digiscribe is a certified reseller of FileBound Enterprise software, as well as a member of the FileBound Executive Member Council.

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