August 26, 2014 by Susan Matthews Categories: Software & Products

The much anticipated and most recent release of FileBound’s document management software and cloud application – FileBound 7 – features a new electronic forms designer and portal in their Enterprise module. Both functions streamline information capture and feed FileBound’s workflow automation capability, all of which is especially useful in HR for automating the process of hiring, new employee onboarding, managing employee records over time, and employee offboarding.

What Is FileBound’s New Electronic Forms Designer & Portal?

FileBound Employment Application screenshot

The new Forms Portal of FileBound 7 allows information to be captured securely from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition to being used internally, the Forms Portal extends to prospective employees and others beyond your company’s four walls, and captures both information and digital signatures. These e-forms are created using the drag-and-drop E-form Designer, which lets your staff quickly create forms directly in FileBound without needing IT or a website developer. The responsive design of the Forms Portal also resizes the form automatically for optimal use on smartphones and tablets.

Example App: Hiring & New Employee Onboarding

FileBound’s workflow capability manages the hiring process starting with the employee application, which can be completed and submitted online. Once hired, FileBound streamlines the new employee onboarding process by creating a checklist for all information needed, ranging from electronic forms to scanned documents and other electronic files. Completed documents are then routed to the hiring manager and HR for review. When documents are missing or are taking too long to complete, FileBound automatically alerts the responsible party via email. This ensures that all steps are completed, and in a timely manner. Once complete, all documents are stored as part of the employee’s record within FileBound’s document management function.

Example App: Managing the Employee Record & Employee Offboarding

Over the course of their employment, FileBound manages and monitors the complete employee record. The system automatically notifies the employee and/or HR staff for when the following need to be filled out and are ready for review and approval:

  • Performance reviews
  • Vacation requests
  • Changes to employee information and benefits
  • Training and certification

Upon separation, FileBound also manages the employee offboarding process and ensures all documents are stored in compliance with internal and external document retention requirements.

HR’s Secret Weapon

With so much documentation involved, FileBound 7 is like HR’s secret weapon by ensuring all applicant, employee and former employee information is easily captured, processed quickly and retained correctly. This allows organizations to do more with the same or smaller staff, and minimizes the risk of mistakes, missing information and the risk of non-compliance fees.

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