March 8, 2013 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Scanning

When you send out your documents to be scanned, your experience can be like staying at a hotel on vacation: there are five star hotels and there are the rest. This guide illustrates what a five-star document scanning experience looks like, so you can avoid the equivalent of lost reservations, poor room service and having a room next to the ice machine or elevator shaft.

Booking & Check-In

As with booking a hotel these days on Orbitz or Expedia, beginning the process can be as simple as an email or call to your document scanning provider. They’ll do the rest: arrange for pick-up and even box up your documents for you, should you need assistance.

When your documents arrive at the document scanning facility, they will be checked in, with information such as number of boxes, box identifiers, client name, etc. being captured. A barcode is usually affixed so that each box is tracked through the entire scanning process and available to you at anytime should you need a document while in the scanning facility.


Because of their confidential and business-critical nature, your documents need to be accessed and handled securely, just like your baggage and guest access at a hotel. This includes hiring employees that have successfully passed stringent background checks and are HIPAA trained on the confidential handling of your documents.

Five star document scanning companies also ensure security throughout their facility with door access controls and video surveillance. Following scanning, all document images and index data are then stored on secure IT infrastructure that includes top-of-the-line servers and redundant internet access lines. Scalable processing capabilities (e.g. ability to add second and/or third shifts when needed) and business continuity measures like power generation and redundant servers further provide peace of mind.

Operations & Equipment

At any five star hotel, the quality of your stay will be greatly impacted by the less glamorous stuff: the behind-the-scenes operational staff and maintenance of the facility itself—much of which goes unseen by most.

The same is true with five star document scanning. One of the most critical and labor-intensive steps is prepping, which needs to be carefully conducted by trained operators so that your documents remain intact. This step includes unfolding, removing staples, bindings and clips, repairing tears, taping small documents to carrier sheets for smooth passage through the scanner, and inserting separator sheets that identify the start and end of each document.

Five star scanning companies utilize production-grade document scanners that feature advanced image enhancement and ultrasonic multi-feed detection that ensures every page is scanned and no page is scanned twice.

Quality of Your Overall Experience

You expect the best at any five star hotel, from your room, to dining to taking advantage of everything the facility and grounds have to offer. Like a combination of the concierge and hotel manager who are responsible for your satisfaction, five star document scanning providers ensure the best possible result with two things: QC and project management.

Quality control (QC) ensures the following:

  • Image quality is excellent
  • All pages were scanned
  • There are no bad document breaks
  • All barcode and separator sheets were removed

If any of the above did not happen, QC professionals will re-scan as many pages as needed and insert the resulting images in the original scanning order. For indexing, these scanned images will be released for data entry and validation based on your specifications, followed by a second QC process.

Following successful QC, your images are available to your cloud-based or in-house document management system via secure FTP using SSL encryption. Your images can also be burned to CDs/DVDs and the originals returned, stored off-site or shredded. We recommend shredding by a certified partner that utilizes an Authorization for Destruction that is signed by you prior to any destruction.

Dedicated project managers serve as your primary point of contact through the scanning and indexing process and will be responsible for your job being set up, processed and delivered correctly and on-time. Project managers might also shepherd data QC and post-processing, such as the match-n-merge of index fields with your databases.

What It Takes to Be the Best

Many of the same things that cause a hotel to be rated five stars are what makes a document scanning company best-of-breed, from document pick up and check-in, to prepping and scanning, and finally to QC and making your images and data easily available in your document management system.

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