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Review processes and paper documents don’t mix well.

Regardless of what type of review processes your company needs to optimize – order fulfillments, customer service correspondences, grievances, employment applications, or anything else – continuing with a paper-based process that begins in your on-site mailroom is going to hold you back.

Receiving incoming documents via mail presents many problems, such as:

  • The need to open, sort, prepare and deliver documents to the person (or persons) who need to act on them in a timely manner
  • Documents (or even files full of them) that are easily misplaced or lost
  • Review processes that are difficult or impossible to track
  • Adding sticky notes to documents is time consuming, wasteful, and unreliable (they can easily fall off)
  • Employees become frustrated and anxious when doing unproductive tasks like searching for hard-to-find documents
  • Paper documents take up valuable office space and are difficult to store, often requiring the additional expense of a storage company
  • The cost of paper and related expenses (folders, copying, etc.) adds up to significant (and often unnecessary) sums
  • Paper documents are difficult to archive

Mailroom scanning services helps you solve these challenges

Mailroom scanning services is a great way to eliminate paper, while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your review process.

How it works

  1. We register a local P.O. box and receive your mail on a daily basis
  2. We open all mail and prepare it to be scanned
  3. Each document is scanned and every image is quality controlled
  4. We capture and index each document based on your identification needs
  5. We securely deliver digital documents to you within 24 hours for immediate processing and archiving
  6. Digital documents can kick off automated workflow for streamlined processing and decision making

Benefits of mailroom scanning

Process efficiency: With mailroom scanning services, you can put your documents into process within one day, without having to worry about menial tasks like sorting and preparing incoming mail. There are no papers to be misplaced, and the process is easy to track. Notes can be added to documents electronically, eliminating confusion and lost information along the review chain. And employees become happier and more productive with the additional structure of a digitized process.

Cost efficiency: Rather than wasting valuable space by stacking boxes in-house – or paying a storage company to inventory, store and maintain thousands of paper files – all of your documents are now stored digitally in one single database (with easy searchability). Plus, the cost of paper-related materials and services is reduced as well.

Archival efficiency: Documents are automatically archived daily, through the process of scanning and storing them within your digital document management system.

Read a mailroom scanning services success story

Click the link below to read a short case study that explains how Visiting Nurse Services of NY was able to save over $6,000 per year with our mailroom scanning services – while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their review process.

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