December 3, 2013 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Management

Gartner recently released their annual list of strategic technology trends for companies to watch in 2014, many of which are focused on mobile and the cloud. As these areas continue to grow, it’s essential for organizations to determine how they integrate mobile and cloud technology with workflow automation and document management to make better decisions faster.

Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014

  1. Mobile device diversity and management
  2. Mobile apps and applications
  3. The Internet of Everything
  4. Hybrid cloud and IT as service broker
  5. Cloud/Client architecture
  6. The era of personal cloud
  7. Software defined anything
  8. Web-scale IT
  9. Smart machines
  10. 3-D printing

To learn more about the top trends Gartner has identified, click here.

Mobile Access Management

From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices are ubiquitous and offer new ways to access information that is critical to running your business. This provides an opportunity to accelerate business processes even when key decision makers are out of the office.

The challenge is for companies to integrate this form of access into their systems, how to manage updates and upgrades, as well as to govern access from authorized company devices and/or the creation of a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy covering what can be accessed and integrated from an employee’s personal mobile device.

Cloud Document Management

Whether from a mobile device, electronic form, email, PDF or scanned paper document, employees increasingly need and expect fast, secure access to company information wherever they are and from whatever computing platform they’re using. This is possible with cloud document management software, which meets the needs of your employees while complying with company policies and security requirements.

Putting It All Together: Mobile Document Access

Document management companies are increasingly providing mobile document access by linking workflow automation software with approved mobile devices. This gives you the ability to approve a purchase order, submit an expense request or invoice payment while on the go. All relevant documentation can be accessed easily and securely from a cloud document management repository (without the hassle of VPN). The result: more well-informed decisions made faster from wherever you or your employees are.