June 7, 2016 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation

Mailroom scanning and workflow automation can reinvigorate your business processes. This is especially true during periods of rapid organizational growth and when merging with another company. Digitization will smooth the transition and set you up for success. Though mailroom scanning and process automation are great ideas under a variety of other situations, growth and merging in particular make sound business sense both now and for the future of your organization.

Merging Is the Perfect Time to Automate Your Processes

Merging organizations is never a simple task. You’ll have numerous systems and processes to meld, as well as new employees to integrate. With mailroom scanning and workflow automation software, it’s much simpler to facilitate the combination of these new processes into one cohesive whole.

With a central location receiving and indexing both your paper and electronic documents, you’ll streamline receipt and processing and expedite adaptation to new business protocols. Your employees will be able to work with documents from multiple offices over one secure system with version and access controls, helping everyone get up to speed with the new organization’s processes more quickly. You’ll also leverage your investment in software courtesy of cloud-based document management systems that can be used across multiple departments and applications.

Rapid Growth Made Easy with Mailroom Scanning

Periods of growth can be a blessing and a curse, as the increase in new business is tempered some by the new volume of invoices, purchasing orders and other documents in need of processing. These increases can cripple the growth of organizations still relying on a manual process, whereas digitization moves your company in a bold new direction. You’ll streamline, automate and expedite invoice processing and order fulfillment simultaneously with expansion, turning document processing speed from a potential liability into an organizational strength. Institute a new receiving and indexing process as you grow with the help of mailroom scanning, and your organization will be more flexible and responsive at the same time it becomes more robust.

Cloud-based document management software and e-forms also allows you to onboard new employees faster than ever before. These people can then work securely and efficiently from multiple offices or remote access points. That, in turn, lets your business grow even bigger.

Embed a new process built around mailroom scanning and workflow automation, and there’s no limit to how quickly your organization can grow.

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