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We hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the beginning of the holiday season.

We did some hunting around the Internet for Thanksgiving quizzes to test our Thanksgiving knowledge and learned some interesting facts. Here are some questions from TLC to see how much you know about Thanksgiving.

  1. Who made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863?
  2. Why did President Franklin Roosevelt move Thanksgiving up one week earlier in 1939?
  3. What protein source do scholars believe was featured at the very first Thanksgiving celebration?
  4. What holiday did some Native Americans begin observing instead of Thanksgiving in 1970?
  5. The ancient Greeks held a three-day festival every autumn to honor what goddess?
  6. In Greek mythology, what did the cornucopia represent?
  7. Which state was the first to make Thanksgiving a yearly occasion before it became a national holiday?
  8. What food do more than 90 percent of Americans eat on Thanksgiving?
  9. What store is the sponsor of the holiday’s most popular parade?
  10. About how much turkey does a single American consume each year?

Find the answers below to see how you did.

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