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Strict healthcare compliance regulations have become rampant, giving policymakers a stranglehold on the healthcare industry.

As a result, providers and insurance companies are always on alert, frantic to adhere to an endless list of tough rules and restrictions. This creates an added workload, longer hours, huge expenses, increased employee stress, the looming threat of fines, penalties and severe repercussions.

Outdated Paper-Based Process

The industry’s widespread use of old-fashioned paper documents and outdated postal services makes processing requests and responding to grievances cumbersome, inefficient, time-consuming and expensive. Responses take longer than permitted, with damaging repercussions.

One common example of a compliance challenge plaguing healthcare insurance companies is the 48 hour response timeframe for approval requests and grievances, which if not adhered to, can bring crippling penalties. Companies need to receive, open, unfold, sort and process each document, and get it delivered to the appropriate person responsible for taking action.

It may take days before requests are even read, let alone responded to. Paper hard copies can be misplaced, disposed of or arrive in the wrong inbox and not be noticed for weeks.

Outsourced Mailroom Services

Companies turn to Digiscribe for document automation, the ideal solution for compliance issues. Acting as a full-service outsourced mailroom, Digiscribe provides an automated way for companies to process and respond to grievances swiftly, transforming a painstaking, inefficient process, into a simple, streamlined, paperless digital system, modernized for maximum efficiency. The smooth, fast workflow allows companies to be fully compliant and eliminates regulatory headaches and burdens.

Your mail is sent to a unique PO Box for scheduled pick-up by Digiscribe, where HIPAA-trained employees convert documents to digital format, index and deliver to the appropriate parties within the mandated time. The documents kick off an automated workflow based on your work rules and management can easily track the process to ensure compliance guidelines are being met. The documents are stored in secure document management software for retrieval, sharing, emailing and access control.

Documents are simple to track, never get lost, and can be accessed simultaneously by all relevant parties. This streamlined, efficient process makes response times blazingly fast, and virtually eliminates mistakes and confusion. Most importantly, this system vastly improves companies’ ability to comply with arduous regulations and restrictive time-constraints.

Stop Worrying About Compliance

See how the Visiting Nurse Service of NY used Digiscribe’s services to simplify their grievance-response execution process and heavily improve their compliance record.

Use Digiscribe as your mailroom. We’ll open your mail, convert it to digital, index it and pass it on in a user-friendly format. Track documents, save money, avoid hefty compliance fines and eliminate the threat of losing your license with zero paper and zero hassle.

Ready to use Digiscribe as your personal full-service mailroom, saving money and eliminating compliance headaches? Contact Digiscribe today at (888) 294-1965.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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