January 4, 2013 by Mitch Taube Categories: Solutions

Have you ever thought about using cloud document management as a self-service portal? Organizations doing so typically enhance customer satisfaction to a point where it can actually create competitive advantage—in addition to cutting costs.

How It Works

Businesses often need to share information with people outside the company; customers, vendors, auditors, shareholders, etc. PDF documents are typically sent over email, while some use FTP. This can be problematic because emails are often unsecure, get lost and people edit the wrong version of the document. Many people are also uncomfortable with using FTP, primarily because they don’t have or know how to use FTP “client” software.

Cloud document management enables your organization to securely provide information at the convenience of others without manual intervention by your staff. This is a useful alternative to email and FTP because of the following:

  • Easy Access: because it’s in the cloud, anyone given access rights simply needs an internet connection and a browser
  • Version Control: only the most recent version of a document is made accessible
  • Security: both the system itself and the transmission of data to and from it are secure (assuming SSAE 16 certified)

The self-service portal aspect of cloud document management is simply that users have their own login and password, they are given secure access to only certain documents and their ability to read only or edit the documents is pre-defined. Partners, customers and employees are all happy because they get the information they need when they need it, and staff is happy because they don’t have to spend time searching for documents, emailing and faxing.

Here are some examples of how organizations use cloud document management self-service portals:

  • Manufacturer customer portals for quality documents and manuals
  • Healthcare portals for medical records, labs and imaging
  • Education portals for student transcripts
  • Customer service portals for orders and shipping documentation
  • HR portals for applications and benefits enrollment

For more information, read our case study that describes how waste hauling company uses cloud document management uses cloud document management as a self-service portal, and contact us to learn more about a document management solution.

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