January 19, 2021 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation

Helping companies digitize and streamline their business processes is what Digiscribe does. We practice what we preach and have incorporated robotic process automation (RPA) into our own internal processes so that we can deliver great services to our customers faster, better, and more efficiently.

What Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

RPA is state of the art technology that streamlines business processes using automation for repetitive tasks. Using “bots” increases operational efficiency, speed, and accuracy while reducing costs. For example, a report by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence stated that 20-30% of labor costs are reduced by using RPA. Companies such as Digiscribe have incorporated RPA to automate processes and operations. This keeps internal systems updated and optimized so we can serve our customers as quickly and accurately as possible. Here are five ways RPA has improved our operations and in turn improved our services to our clients:

1. Outsourced Mailroom Setup Is Easier and Quicker

Digiscribe’s digital mailroom services are flexible and implemented individually for each job. Businesses often want to start by implementing mailroom processing into a single department such as accounts payable, and with RPA, more departments or locations can be added later with increased productivity and ease. This is especially useful now if companies can’t access headquarters or offices during the pandemic and need to digitize more of their business as they work from home.

2. Process Trends and Irregularities are Easily Identified

According to the Institute of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, for every 100 tasks a human completes, there are ten errors that are likely to happen, even if it’s repetitive work. Implementing RPA solves that. It not only reduces manual errors, but also allows our team to identify trends and irregularities to better manage ongoing projects. We have incorporated RPA bots into our production software so that daily notifications, including the number of emails and documents processed the day before, are created and posted directly to Microsoft Teams (a company-wide platform used by all staff) categorized by account and project. This way our client services team doesn’t need to hunt around to manually pull the information for use in our quality control processes and trends are easier to identify to help better manage ongoing projects.

3. Automated Confirmation of Incoming Shipments

Especially beneficial for businesses that operate from multiple locations or in hybrid mode of both in-office and remotely, Digiscribe’s receiving bot can automatically alert our customers when their documents and boxes have been received in our facilities and are ready for processing. Once documents are in our conversion center, we log the boxes into our proprietary tracking system which tracks the documents through each processing step and final delivery back to you. With RPA, our receiving bot closes the loop on shipment logistics from your office to our facilities.

4. Accessing Documents In-Process and Easy Data Checks

RPA services help everyone access data faster and easier. If a client needs a document pulled while in our facilities, they simply fill out an electronic form that automatically posts to our proprietary tracking system and sends a notification to Microsoft Teams, alerting the entire client services team who can take quick action. Previously, requests for document pulls were sent via email and tracking the requested document in our facility involved multiple steps.

5. Automatic Delivery Notifications, Free of Human Involvement

On average, employees devote 10-25% of their time on routine computer tasks that decrease productivity. With Digiscribe’s RPA-powered processes, our client services team can focus more of their time on project management and customer support vs. manual tasks. Digiscribe’s delivery bot integrates our production level scanning software with our proprietary in-house tracking system and is able to send our clients real-time, automated email alerts of their processed data and documents. This level of process automation eliminates human involvement, improving accuracy, which positively impacts reporting and billing.

RPA has revolutionized the way repetitive tasks are automated and in turn has improved the quality, speed, and accuracy of business processes. Here at Digiscribe, we are always looking into ways we can improve our internal processes to improve the services and products that we provide to our customers. To learn more about how we can help you with your digital transformation, read more about our business process outsourcing services or speak with us at 888.294.1965.

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