April 14, 2015 by Mitch Taube Categories: Solutions

The ubiquity of today’s technology makes it an exciting time for non-profit organizations across the world. Never has it been easier to connect on a global scale, and gain access to cutting edge tools and resources that can help you with all aspects of your mission, including:

  • Program management
  • Community engagement
  • Marketing communications
  • Fundraising
  • Hiring the best talent
  • Connecting with like-minded volunteers

Our principal founder, Mitch Taube, and the Metropolitan Business Network (MBN) brought together representatives from three technology giants – Microsoft, Salesforce and LinkedIn – to speak to non-profit organizations throughout the New York tri-state area on ways in which technology can help them in all of the above areas, and more.

All three of these companies are making technology even more accessible by providing special pricing and products just for NFPs. To find out more, you can watch the highlights of each company’s “Non-Profits and Technology Giants: Essential Tools, Grants and Services for Non-Profit Leaders” MBN presentation by clicking on the links below:

Non-Profits and Technology Giants: Microsoft

Non-Profits and Technology Giants: Salesforce

Non-Profits and Technology Giants: LinkedIn

Document management software & workflow automation help NFPs increase efficiency

These days, more and more non-profit organizations are taking advantage of document management and workflow automation software to help them become even more streamlined and efficient by eliminating paper in their processes.

The powerful combination of digital document management and automating workflow can help you to:

  • Speed up processes enabling you to deliver mission critical services quicker
  • Respond to audits more easily and with minimal disruption to staff
  • Access documents in the field, when and where needed
  • Easily maintain and share board meeting notes and governing documents
  • Maximize the efficiency of your staff
  • Free up space that was once occupied by stored paper documents
  • Protect your critical data from theft, as well as damage from water and fire (and other natural disasters)
  • Significantly reduce human error and its associated costs
  • And much more

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