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This is part of a series that highlights how companies in the New York metro area use technology to provide superior service and gain a competitive advantage.

About the World’s Premier Chauffeuring Service

EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services provides executive limo, premiere bus and luxury car services in over 700 cities around the world. From airport transportation to special events, EmpireCLS believes that “it’s not just where you’re being driven to, but how.”

That’s why their chauffeurs pride themselves on their service, not just safety or speed, and why EmpireCLS is used by dignitaries, CEOs and celebrities worldwide. EmpireCLS and has become the benchmark for excellence in the luxury transportation industry.

The Technology Behind EmpireCLS’s Success

EmpireCLS’s proprietary reservation technology creates a superior customer experience and enhances executive travel by providing automated peace of mind and responsive service. Advanced system features allow for full corporate travel software integration, customizable receipts and reports and enhanced security features to keep personal and financial information secure. EmpireCLS’s clients know exactly which chauffer will pick them up by name and photo, further ensuring security.

Customers and chauffeurs stay connected via pre-trip notifications and on-location email/text message status updates. Reservation and dispatch systems are synced and instantly update chauffeurs of trip changes and flight delays, ensuring accurate and on-time pickups. EmpireCLS’s reservation technology is so compelling that other limo companies also use it.

What It Takes to Be a Market Leader

EmpireCLS’s reservation system is an example of how a company has achieved a competitive advantage in customer service by operating better, faster and smarter with technology. Whether it be in your core service offerings or back-end operations, such as accounts payable or human resources, successful companies must rely on technology to help them stay ahead of their competition and adapt to market changes quickly and easily. Contact us to learn more.

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