October 29, 2013 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning

Architects, engineering firms and construction companies all have large amounts of paper drawings, blueprints and other oversized documents that take up real estate and are difficult to manage and share with partners and sub-contractors. By scanning them, organizations are able to easily access and share large format documents when in the field or in the office.

Finding the Right Scanning Partner

You can buy a large format scanner and scan the documents yourself, but they are expensive and organizations are increasingly putting their capital towards more important core business projects. When outsourcing large format scanning, make sure your document scanning provider uses a high-end large format scanner and also has production-level scanners to digitize supporting documents including contracts, proposals, parts lists, project files and other related documents.

Why You Should Scan Your Large Format Documents

Once scanned, your large format images, which are often cleaner than the original, can be loaded into your project management software, other line-of-business systems or document management software. This will eliminate the time and hassle of searching through flat drawers, tubes and hanging files—especially when you need these documents in the field. Scanning also ensure these critical documents are archived while freeing up valuable real estate. Drawings are no longer lost or damaged by the wear and tear of handling and copying them, and they can be searched for by any employee from anywhere and emailed to third parties.

Focus on Your Core Business vs. Managing Your Paper

Scanning your drawings and other oversize documents ensures that mission-critical information is both preserved and accessible by all authorized parties. When architects, engineering firms and construction companies no longer have the worry, inefficiency and expense of managing large format documents in paper form, they can focus on their core business of designing and building the world’s next great structures.