February 4, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Management

What do Hurricane Sandy, the polar vortex and Bridgegate all have in common?

They’re all recent disasters, from natural to man-made, that made it difficult for employees to get to the office and impossible for others. For most organizations, the result is a painful loss of productivity from idle employees at home.

Many companies realize that having a business continuity plan is essential for being prepared in case of a disaster or power outage, but most have business-critical information trapped on paper and within internal networks that can’t be accessed from home.

Your Ace in the Hole

Instead of losing a day or more of work for everyone on your staff, cloud document management software eliminates business continuity problems by giving employees access to business documents by working from home.

Some businesses have resisted document management because they think it’s too complicated and too expensive. The first generations of document management software were only affordable by the largest organizations and were expensive to implement and maintain. Fortunately, cloud document management offers a simple, cost-effective alternative.

The Right Kind of Cloud

Today’s cloud document management solutions are securely accessible by any browser (much easier than VPN), are simple to use and cost a modest monthly expense vs. a large capital expenditure. Once implemented in one department, such as accounts payable for invoice processing, cloud document management can easily be leveraged in another, such as HR for new employee on-boarding and benefits administration.

The Lynch Pin

Cloud document management is only as good as the documents it manages. From invoices to employee tax forms to purchase requests to shipping documents, paper documents need to be made available to employees working from home by scanning them in-house or, if you have a large volume, sending them out to a third-party document scanning company that can upload them to the cloud.

The result is peace of mind knowing that your organization will continue to operate and be productive in the face of whatever comes next.