July 6, 2016 by Mitch Taube Categories: Solutions

Immigration compliance can be a particularly thorny regulatory hurdle to clear. Stay on the government’s good side with up-to-date and complete I-9 forms, or you can pay as much as $1100 per employee found to be in violation.

Document scanning, document management software and workflow automation help you fix any issues your paper-based HR system has at its source. With a digitized I-9 onboarding process, you negate the chance for errors and incomplete files, using a multi-step solution that ensures accuracy and completion first and foremost. This means less work for your team and a reduced chance of costly mistakes.

Make I-9 Management More Efficient

There are plenty of ways to improve I-9 management processing – no matter what your current situation is – with the help of document scanning, e-forms and document management software:

  1. Digitize Your Current I-9s: You can scan your existing employee’s I-9s and personnel files into cloud-based document management software. This allows you to digitize your paper files and store them according to regulatory guidelines, which require that I-9s be stored separately from all other documents.
  2. Onboarding New Employees: Document scanning of I-9s and other onboarding documents can be processed with workflow automation software, which can check to see if all documents are present before processing: if a given file is found to be incomplete, such as missing an I-9, the software will send an automated email alert to let you know. If and when everything is complete, the file will then be distributed for processing and storing.
  3. Go Digital from the Start: Eliminate the paper from the very beginning by using e-forms for I-9s and reduce the risk of paper-based errors that can result. Everything is digital and compliantly managed with workflow automation and document management software.

I-9 Compliance Means Easier Audits

When you use workflow automation to ensure proper I-9 completion proper filing, audits will also go much smoother than when you relied on paper and manual processes. Audits will require less time and be less intrusive, as document management software provides immediate access to your files with evergreen availability for those with system access. In addition, auditors themselves can also be given remote access, further speeding up the review. Lastly, and perhaps best of all, the greater accuracy your company’s files will have will lower the chances of repeat reviews.

Workflow automation with document scanning for onboarding I-9 forms saves you time, money and the potential ire of government regulators. As such, it’s an indispensable tool for modern HR departments.

For more information on immigration compliance, please read “How to Ensure Your Company Is Immigration Compliant” from the Society of Human Resource Managers