May 25, 2012 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Scanning

Having difficulty deciding if automating your business processes is right for your company? The 10 questions below should help you decide if you can benefit from document scanning servicesdocument management and workflow automation software. Think of how your paper documents are currently being managed in departments including accounts payable, human resources, research and medical files.

  1. Do you or your staff spend too much time looking for documents?
  2. Do you want to reclaim up to 99% of office space used by filing cabinets and storage?
  3. Do you want to streamline, automate and improve your business processes?
  4. Do you want to eliminate the need for data entry or filing of forms?
  5. Are your documents stored, retrieved and tracked in a manner that is in compliance with regulatory guidelines?
  6. Do you want to provide better, faster and more reliable customer service?
  7. Do you want easier, quicker and less intrusive audits?
  8. Do you have access to your research lab’s complete record of research protocols and results necessary for meeting government compliance guidelines?
  9. Do you have immediate access to all associated patient data through your EMR system?

If you think a document scanning and document management solution is right for you, learn more about Digiscribe New England’s department and industry specific solutions.

AIIM President John Mancini’s, eBook, “8 Things You Need To Know About Getting Rid of Paper,” is a also a good resource. Digiscribe New England’s President, Mitch Taube, appeared as a guest blogger.