December 7, 2012 by Susan Matthews Categories: Industry News & Insights

Is a paperless office really achievable? That is the question AIIM, the global community of informational professionals, is trying to answer. In an Industry Watch Paper, “The Paper Free Office – dream or reality?,” AIIM analyzes the success organizations have had in limiting the amount of paper in the office.

While a completely paperless office might never be achieved, many organizations can become “paper light” and dramatically lower the amount of paper that is produced within their organization. Below are some of the key findings that show there’s still work to be done:

  • On average, 45% of documents that are scanned are 100% “born digital” – just as they came from the printer. And many of the rest would be all-digital if not for the added signatures.
  • 77% of invoices that arrive as PDF attachments get printed. 31% of faxed invoices get printed and scanned back in. On average, 30% of invoices arrive as PDF attachments, and 15% as faxes.
  • 41% of organizations in the survey are using some form of digital mailroom, either as a centralized operation or distributed at branch offices. 4% are outsourced.
  • 20% of organizations scan half or more of their inbound mail at or before entry. A further 20% are more likely to scan at the point-of-process, and 29% scan-to-archive after the process.

While there is still a long way to go to achieve a “paper light” office, success is being made. The AIIM paper states that there’s less paper in offices, especially in the largest organizations.

Organizations that have taken paperless initiatives have not only reduced paper in their office, but have realized even greater benefits. Companies have improved productivity, achieved greater efficiencies, lowered their costs, and streamlined workflows.

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