September 9, 2014 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Scanning

When choosing a company to scan your documents, it’s important to find out how they ensure the security and accessibility of your information while it resides in their facility. This includes how your scanned documents and data are held in their data center, if the data center is behind a firewall, and what backup plans are in place should their facility not be accessible.

At any moment, an unexpected event such as a blackout, superstorm or server failure can cause business and information access interruptions. Just as you have business continuity plans in your company, your document scanning provider should follow a documented plan to ensure data security and accessibility of your digital documents in case of business interruptions in their facility.

Ensure Your Information Is Secure

When determining a document scanning company’s ability to ensure that your information is secure and always accessible, ask them to show you their disaster recovery plan. We recommend you ask these eight questions as well:

  1. How are my scanned documents and data encrypted while stored on the facility’s servers?
  2. Are the servers behind a firewall?
  3. What type and how often are firewall tests performed, such as penetration tests?
  4. Are servers backed up and how often? (Tip: Daily back-ups are a best practice)
  5. Are the servers backed-up to the cloud or an alternate site? Are the backups outside of the geographic area?
  6. Are the server back-ups encrypted?
  7. If my information is being held on physical media such as a DVD, is it encrypted?
  8. How long will it take to access my data back-up in case of a business interruption to the scanning facility?

Answers to these questions and adherence to security and accessibility best practices will ensure you are working with a document scanning company that has the processes in place to safeguard your information while in their facility.

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