October 1, 2013 by Mitch Taube Categories: Industry News & Insights

Finding the right partner to provide workflow automation services is a critical first step in automating your business processes. A great way to identify such a partner is by evaluating their partnerships with the companies they resell software for.

Based upon the level of professionalism, solution knowledge and execution, technical expertise and commitment to excellent customer service, software companies provide different levels of support and service to their resellers.

Take FileBound for example. Their Executive Partners receive the highest level of support and service. In return, some Executive Partners serve as members of FileBound’s Executive Partner Council, which is a group of trusted advisors to the FileBound executive team in matters of product, marketing, sales and strategy.

So when evaluating who you are going to partner with for your document management services, see who they partner with and the type of relationship they have with the companies they are resellers for. It will provide good insight into the level of expertise and support you can expect when it comes to automating your business processes.