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Forbes magazine recently featured “#OccupyIT: A Technology Manifesto for Cloud, Mobile and Social Era,” written by AIIM President John Mancini. This free eBook prescribes a framework for executives, business owners, IT managers, compliance officers, records managers — essentially anyone tasked with getting business value from information — to rethink technology investment and reclaim IT.

As usual, John provides a fresh, insightful look at optimizing information management to help companies remain competitive. “Organizations need to rethink what they are trying to accomplish with IT and how they view the people charged with this urgent mission,” he says.

John’s manifesto calls for empowering information professionals to put the right information into the hands of the right people.

The five demands of the #OccupyIT Manifesto outlined in the book are:

Demand #1 – Commit to the cloud to become faster, more agile and innovative.

Demand #2 – Mobilize everything to have more access, more often.

Demand #3 – Make the business social to increase meaningful engagement.

Demand #4 – Digitize anything that moves to improve responsiveness.

Demand #5 – Prepare for extreme information management by securing the right expertise.

John goes on to say that “automated capture of information should be done as early as possible in the business process and as close to the point of origination. This produces cleaner data, resulting in higher quality information, less exception handling and better process management.The more important the process is to a business, the greater the impact such improvements will have. Once paper-based information moves into the digital realm it can be used to enrich social and mobile applications. In paper form, that information might as well not exist since no one can get to it without great effort.”

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