October 12, 2012 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation, Solutions

Employee reviews can be like getting your flu shot:

  1. You need to have them on an annual basis
  2. It helps keep your organization healthy and functioning properly
  3. A small investment in time up-front can prevent big problems

The flu may actually be preferable to a paper-based employee review process if a critical document is lost, followed by a lawsuit or audit.

How do you bridge the gap between paper and a fully electronic process? Workflow automation.

Workflow Is How Things Get Done

Workflow is defined as electronically moving information and documents through a process based on your business rules. A document can be an electronic form (read my blog on how e-forms provide process improvement opportunities in HR), a Microsoft Word document or scanned image. Combining document imaging helps ensure all documents are included in the process even if they did not originate electronically.

To begin, we suggest that you create a step-by-step map of what your process looks like. For example:

  1. Distribute last year’s reviews to managers and employees in preparation for the current year’s review
  2. Complete the reviews for this year, which includes approvals between the employee and their manager
  3. Establish the employee’s goals for next year
  4. Have a final approval from both the employee and manager and send to upper management for final approval

Additional workflow benefits to consider:

  1. Comprehensiveness: a complete set of documents is sent to both the employee and the manager automatically, so there is no need to hunt for attachments or wonder if you’re working off of the same information
  2. Automatic Reminders: reminders can be sent if actions have not yet started, or are not yet completed to help keep the process moving forward
  3. Transparency: at any step in the process, you will be able to determine who made what revision and if there are any bottlenecks

No Limits

Once you get annual performance reviews automated, you can move on to streamlining other high value HR processes, such as new employee on-boarding and benefits enrollment. Let us know if we can help.

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